This Week Review: LINDSEY

arianna book reviewLindsey Bergman is an ordinary 10 year old girl living with her family, best friend, bullies,  her lazy Uncle Bernie, and her cute little dachshund named Mr. Tiny.   She is a sweet girl who loves helping people.  In this story, She plays matchmaker with her two teachers Mr. Pingler and Miss Kinney.  She saves a girl named April from being bullied by two bullies and becomes friends with her.  Her uncle stays to live with her, she get accused of a crime because she put smiley face stickers on the neighborhood garbage cans, and last but not least her dog  Mr. Tiny goes missing!  Her brother Ethan and her Mother are trying to plan Ethan’s bar mitzvah.  I recommend this book if you really want to have a big, happy laugh.  This was one awesome book!

I give this book 5 general star

Lindsey, written by Chryssa Atkinson


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