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Brownies for your 18 inch doll

Liz at American Girl Fan has come up with this fabulous and easy concept in creating these adorable brownies for your 18 inch doll.    Visit American Girl Fan for easy instructions!


Ravenna the Evil Queen – 18 inch doll Costume Giveaway

Liz at American Girl Fan is having a giveaway with with our Ravenna the Evil Queen Costume.  Visit her site for more details on a chance to win fabulous Ravenna costume.  Check out her fun doll crafts and hairstyle ideas they are pretty cool!



Farewell to Molly McIntire and BFF Emily Bennett


American Girl® has announced that American Girl doll Molly and her best friend from England Emily Bennett will be moving into the American Girl Archives.   Molly was introduced as one of the three dolls back in 1986.   This might be a good time to purchase Molly or make those molly accessories purchase before they sell out .   Now we can all wait for the new historical American Girl Doll.  Wonder who can she be and from what era?

To see what American girl dolls have been Archived CLICK HERE.


How to make a washer and dryer for your 18 inch doll

Here’s a cool video by an adorable young girl her voice is just precious! on how to make a washer and dryer for your doll.  She claims is for a 12 inch doll but you can adjust the measurements to fit your 18 inch doll.


How To ” Farmhouse Doll Bed for your 18 inch doll”

This Farmhouse doll bed is simply adorable.  Visit where she shares a detail plan on how to construct this beautiful bed for your 18 inch doll..


Make A Fleece Hat for your American Girl Doll

You can make this adorable fleece hat for your American Girl Doll.  Find your favorite fleece fabric print and custom away.  For directions to get started on this fun craft visit Making Friends and why not make a matching hat for yourself.


Birthday Wishes to Kaya

Birthday wish to American Girl Kaya! Here’s some fun games and craft and for Kaya.


Meatloaf and Licorice at American Girl

American Girl has added 2 new pets to their line.   Meatloaf a bulldog, is tan-and-white  fur and comes with  a collar and a personalized name tag.    Licorice the cat with black body and white markings.  She also has a collar and her personalized name tag.   Some might remember that Licorice was archived and now has been reintroduced.  I personally have not seen her although, I have heard her fur is not as nice as the original.  We still have the original Licorice and I see a slight difference on the face.   Do you see any difference?  They retail for $22.00 at American Girl


McKenna Shoots for the Stars

American Girl fans out there are 2 young actresses to look for coming up this summer.  Jade Pettyjohn and Ysa Penarejo,  jade 11 years old who will play the character McKenna Brooks known as American Girl Doll of the year 2012 and Ysa will play McKenna’s BFF, Toulane in the movie “McKenna Shoots for the Stars”

For those who remember Cathy Rigby back in the 70’s known for being the first American woman to win a medal in World Gymnastics and for competing in the 1972 US Olympic which ended quickly due to prior injury she had experienced which kept her of winning any medals for the 1972 Olympics.   Ms. Rigby will play the role of Coach Isabelle.

There are 2 books available for Mckenna so if you like to get some great read on the character before the movie which is set to air NBC Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 8/7c.  So don’t forget to tivo!  DVD of the movie is planned to be released end on July.

McKenna and McKenna ready to fly! Both books written by author by Mary Casanova.

Here is a slide show created by AGmadeline17 on YouTube.


Marie-Grace American Girl Doll Giveaway

Marie-Grace-Lo-Res-790x1024How Exciting!  American Girl is having a giveaway on Books On The House Giveaway.   The lucky winner will receive the beautiful Marie-Grace Doll and Marie-Grace book.

All you have to do to enter is click HERE to enter.  Good Luck to all!


Giveaway – Win a Free Tea Set for your 18 inch Doll


Win a coupon for a Free Doll Tea Set.  This giveaway will be for our Musical Notes Tea Set.

How to Enter:

Tell us what’s your favorite Thanksgiving Trimming.

Visit our Facebook Page and Click on LIKE and leave your comment.   You can also increase your chances by leaving a comment on our blog.

This giveaway will close on November 19th at 11:59pm.  A winner will be chosen randomly and receive a coupon for a free Musical Notes Tea Set!

*Coupon valid for one week, one coupon per order. Shipping not included.


Madame Alexander “Alexander Girlz” 18 inch dolls


While visiting Costco this past week I found that they are selling Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls “Alexander Girlz”  which sells for $29.99.   Although, if you shop online on Costco website the exact dolls are sold for a higher price at $37.99     If you are looking for the alternative of  American Girl doll price tag but an upgrade in quality from My Generation doll here’s an option to consider….

These dolls are attractive, the hair is rooted and they each come with a couple of outfits and accessories.

dolls are attractive, hair is rooted,


American Girl Historical Doll Giveaway! – Barnes & Noble

F3228_main_2Wow!  Imagine being the lucky winner of Cecile and Marie-Grace.  Barnes and Noble are having this fabulous giveaway!   You can enter in person at one of Barnes and Noble location or you can enter on line but move quickly.  The contest ends on October 1st, 2011 central daylight time and a random winner will be announced on October 8th, 2011.

Barnes & Noble American Girl Historical Doll Giveaway!


Featured 18 inch doll Outfit – A Classic Zebra On The Runway!

A classic zebra on the runway! This fabulous COMPLETE outfit includes:
  • Black long sleeve top embellished with rhinestones along the neck.
  • Zebra print skirt
  • Matching zebra print handbag with berry trim
  • Jeweled Berry Ballet flat shoes

Your 18 inch doll will strut in fashion this fall!

Available at My Pink Planet


Upcoming American Girl Movie, Extras Needed!

artist_imageThere is an upcoming American Girl movie scheduled to start shooting on July 11th at Winnepeg, Canada.   Starring Nia Varadalo, (some might remember her from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and newcomer Jade Pettyjohn who will play the role of Velma, a strong- willed gymnast with Olympic aspirations whose plans evaporates when she is sidelined by an injury.    Varadalo will play Velma’s mom, the film is planned for  DVD.

The production company are looking for extras in the following:

Female Gymnast between ages 9 -12

Male  and Female urban skateboarders between ages 11-13

Males and Females between ages  8 and into their 60’s

Extras are needed to play students, gymnast, gymnastic spectators, nature  enthusiasts , hikers, horse back riders and street pedestrians.

Extras will be paid $11/hr meal and snacks will be provided.

If you would like to be part of this production and willing to work 1 to 3 days between July 11th and Aug 5th,  register at

More Info on


Chenille Outfit Winner Annoucement

Congrats to Vicki Wurgler!  You are the winner of the Chenille Outfit Giveaway for your 18 inch doll.  Look out for our email to you with instructions to claim.


Birthday Wishes Samantha Parkington

samathaSamantha Parkington born May 26th 1895,  a bright, loving and compassionate orphan girl who was raised by her wealthy grandmother “GrandMary” in Mount Bedford, NY in 1904.   Samantha’s parent died in a boating accident when she was 5 years old.  Beside having GrandMary, another important figure in her life was Uncle Gardner who was very much a father figure to her.

Samantha learns the realities of her Edwardian world – from her life of luxury to the prejudices and difficulties faced by women and the lower classes.  Samantha’s best friend is Nellie  O’Malley who has also been archived by American Girl.  American Girl first introduced Samantha in 1986 along with Molly and Kirsten.   Samantha is still till this day the most favorable and popular doll.  Her books were written by three different authors, most notably Valerie Tripp, and were the first of the books to be published. The first American Girl TV movie was produced about Samantha. It was called Samantha: An American Girl Holiday and it debuted November 23, 2004 on the WB.

Although, Samantha doll was sold out on February 2009 and officially archived on May 31, 2009, you still might be able to purchase her new or used on sites like Ebay.   Samantha books, movie and mini doll are still available for sale.


American Girl Pet Pack – For your 18 inch doll


In my recent trip to Costco, I came across American Girl Pet pack.  They offered 6 different pet pack, each come with either an adorable puppy or cat  with book of puzzles, posters, game and activities. The packaging case comes with handle on top, clear see thru front. Priced at $13.99 each.  Ready for gift giving.  A perfect addition for your 18 inch doll.

1. Ginger Book & Pet Pack includes Ginger’s first title 32 page , and  Ginger plush kitten.

2.  Coconut Book & Pet Pack includes the latest Coconut title 32 page, and Coconut plush puppy.

3.  Honey  Book & Pet Pack includes Ginger’s first title 40 page, and Honey plush kitten.

4.  Pepper Book & Pet Pack includes Pepper’s first title 40 page, and Pepper plush puppy.

5. Praline Book & Pet pack includes Praline’s first title 40 page, plus Praline plush kitten.

6. Sugar Book & Pet pack includes Sugar’s first title32  page, plus Sugar plush puppy.


Pleasant Rowland – American Girl Doll



 Pleasant Rowland  an incredible entrepreneur and a woman of inspirations.   Pleasant  Rowland was born in Chicago and grew up in Bannockburn, suburb of north Chicago.    Ms. Roland taught elementary school for six years and then switched career to a t.v. reporter for a couple of years  and then follow by a career as a textbook writer and finally an entrepreneur. 

One day in the Early 80’s  Ms. Rowland visited colonial Williamsburg, Va and that was the beginning of a phenomenon.    In 1986 Rowland founded the Pleasant Company, which manufactures the famous American Girl dolls, each 18 inch doll from a  different historic era.  She believed what a unique and inspiring opportunity for young girls ages 7 thru 11 to incorporate fun, stimulate imagination while learning history through their dolls.   

Upon locating a German manufacturer and intensive research at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington and at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology led to prototype designs for the first three dolls of her collection.   In 1986, the first launched of her American Girl Doll collection was Kirsten, a Swedish pioneer girl in the 1854 era, Samantha, a wealthy Victorian orphan 1904 era, and Molly, a bespectacled nine-year-old in the waning years of World War II era.   Each doll came with a historical era story book, an audio cassette, and a detailed collection of optional accessories.  It was also the year of the first American Girl Catalog.  The American Girl doll were first available thru mail order catalogs.

The company grew immensely and other 18 inch dolls as well as Bitty baby and Girl of the year were added and many other cool accessories.  In 1998 Ms. Rowland sold her company to Mattel, the world’s largest toy company for a whooping $700 Million. 

In 2004, Ms Rowland founded Rowland Reading Foundation to promote Rowland Reading Program such as Superkids Reading Program which my daughter, Arianna  had enjoyed in her first grade class.


Tutu Ballet or Dance Costume Bodice and Skirt 18 inch Doll Pattern

While visiting Susan Kramer’s website, I found she offers many patterns that she created herself.   Visit her page to get details on how to create a ballet or dance costume for your American Girl® or other 18 inch doll.  At Susan’s site you will find free patterns for other dolls such as Bitty Baby®, Magic Attic®, Raggedy Ann® and much more.   Susan also offers an Ebook of 18 inch doll clothes patterns that can be purchased for $5.00.   Think of the cool clothes that you can create for your 18 inch doll with your fashion flair!


How to Make Boots for your 18 inch doll

Booties side view_0.preview bootie pattern.preview booties with ruler_0.preview

I came across this great  craft on how to make boots for your 18 inch doll or American Girl doll.   It was submitted to a site by a very talented young girl  name Celine.

What you need:

  • 10X12 piece of faux fur, your choice of color
  • at least 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 leather piece for boot sole
  • sewing scissors
  • thread, color your choice
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • hot glue


  1. Fold fabric along the 12 side side, furry side up.
  2. Pin pattern onto fabric with the back of the boot along the fold.
  3. Cut out the boot fabric.
  4. Sew boot, starting at the star, along seam A until you get to the toe. Sew up B until you get to the notch.
  5. Inside out the boot so the fur is on the inside.
  6. At the top, fold over about one inch of fabric. This is the cuff.
  7. Handstitch the bottom of the cuff to the boot.
  8. Trace your doll’s feet onto paper.
  9. Use that as a pattern to cut out the leather boot soles.
  10. Cut out the leather and use hot glue to apply the leather piece to the bottom of the boot.

We would love to see your creation,  email us a pic


American Girl Puzzles

Doll-PuzzlesPeggy of  Doll clothes Pattern has emailed us this puzzle game.   It’s pretty cool you can play with friends and see who complete their puzzle first, there’s a built in timer to each puzzle.    Visit Peggy’s site, she offers free doll patterns for your American Girl doll.


Farewell to Felicity & Elizabeth

felicity and elizabethIt’s official girls, American Girl® will retire Historical girls Felicity and her best friend Elizabeth by the end of the year and off to the archives.  So the question is who is replacing these girls?    Hmmm, I am sure many of us will be speculating but after Lanie, I guess I’ll just sit and wait.  :)    Although, love to hear your feedback.

Felicity and Elizabeth are still available at American Girl®  until supplies last.


Bunk Bed for your 18″ American Girl Doll

expresso bunk bed 1a


This beautiful over sized bunk bed is perfect for your doll sleepovers.   Made of hardwood solids, features hardwood posts and classic styling and playful.  Comes bunk poly-cotton three-piece bedding setting, one for the top and one for the bottom.   Crafted ladder with rubber-tipped padding, on the ends to prevent scratching.  Dimensions: 22.5″ h x 22″ w x 13.5″ l

Artwork Contest!




Girls, My Pink Planet will be giving away this beautiful Lily Swimsuit, pink slip on sandals and inflatable beach ball to 2 lucky winners.  This floral swimsuit is designed to fit your 18 inch American Girl doll and other soft body 18 inch doll.    Ok, so show us your creative flair, simply by submitting your artwork of you and your favorite doll enjoying Summer.


  • Submit your artwork of you and your favorite doll enjoying your summer.
  • You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter,  etc.
  • The artwork must be created by you
  • No photocopies accepted
  • Deadline: all entries must be recieved no later than midnight, September 3rd, 2010
  • Artwork may be mailed or submitted via email
  • 2 winners will be announced on September 10, 2010 here on our blog, bookmark this date.
  • Your artwork must include your first name, age, state, and email address
  • If submitting via email,
  • If submitting via mail:  My Pink Planet, LLC  122 Millbrook Road, Hardwick, NJ 07825 






How to enter:


An American Girl Debut

Hey Girls!  I recieved an email from American Girl, they are planning a big debut for girls and their doll.  Starting Tuesday, July 13th for the summer.  Girls can learn about American Girl’s all-new virtual world—created just for girls and their dolls!  It’s free and open to the public, for girls ages 8 and up and yes there’s AC, lol!

 Event details by store

  • Atlanta: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17
  • Boston: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17
  • Chicago: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17; September 3, 7, 10, 24
  • Dallas: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17
  • Denver: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17
  • Los Angeles: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
  • Minneapolis: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17
  • New York: July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17

For more special events


Ponytail Veil Do for your American Girl Doll

sarahHere another link to Sarah, she’s amazing.  You probably seen my older post where she shows you how to restring you doll’s loose limb.   Here’s a cool do.


Doll Furniture for your 18 inch Doll

Check out this beautiful White frame canopy bed.  Will truly make your doll sleep like a princess.  Comes with bedding and pink ribbons as pictured.


This gorgeous wicker Pram lined with pink and white check ruffle is another must have!  Order today and add this coupon code TURKEY1109  to your order and get 15% off.



Winner of Halloween Contest!

Congratulations to Anna of Easton, PA, winner of Stars & Moon Halloween oufit for 18 inch American Girl doll.


Real American Girls Birthday Club!

Here’s a great club to join and it’s free! Girls ages 5 thru 14 ask your parents to register and join MyPink Real American Girls Birthday Club. Each child registered will recieve special gift or a valuable coupon redemable only at MY Pink on her birthday. In addition to My Pink Birthday Club mailings, you will recieve via email our newsletter updating news about the latest merchandise, promotions, sales and coupons.


Gold Rim Eyeglasses and Designer Case

Check out these cute gold rim eyeglasses for your 18 inch American girl doll, they come complete with designer leather like case.  Available in Black, Brown, and Burgandy.  Exclusive at My Pink


“Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”

Arianna and I love American Girl Doll movies but I must say my favorite is “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”. The cast was incredible. I loved Abigail Breslin performances and the movie itself bittersweet. I found myself laughing and crying. It was a bit ironic though amidst the recession that we are in financial turmoil our country is facing with home foreclosures, soaring food and gas prices. Here we were, my daughter Arianna and my niece Alexa watching a movie based on the great depression. A great history lesson about soup kitchens, selling vegetable and eggs, boarding strangers to make ends meet, and foreclosures symbolising The Great Depression. After the movies the girls had alot of questions and comparing scenarios from the movie with topics that they have heard on the news regarding the recession and yes, that dreadful question “Momma will that ever happen to us?” Life lessons for our young 9 year old girls?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s playing on HBO check your local listing.
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl – Official Trailer
Samantha – An American Girl Holiday – Trailer
Molly- An American Girl on the Homefront – Trailer
Felicity-An American Girl Adventure

Happy Birthday Kit & Samantha!

Here are some cool outfit and accessories to celebrate Kit May 19th & Samantha May 26th Birthdays.

This adorable pink and Aqua floral dress is too pretty to pass by and to complete Kits love for baseball her own glove, bat and baseball.


Yummy Vegetables & Breads

During the depression, Kit and her mother are left to manage on their own. Growing their own vegetables, selling eggs and even taking in an assortment of boarders.

Checkout these adorable yummy looking vegetables. They come in a delightful wicker basket filled with 3 vegetables. Carrot, broccoli and red leaf lettuce. What a great addition for Kit.

Perfect for a picnic, assorted scrumptous bread in an brown wicker basket.


An American Girl Musical

I read recently that the next American Girl movie will be a musical based on Julie with musical top 70’s hits. An American Girl Musical……. How exciting!
Here’s the link

Celebrate May 1st – It’s Julie’s Biurthday

Birthday wishes to Julie! Julie Albright is a fun-loving San Francisco girl who faces big changes. Changes in her life become challenging, as moving away from her best friend, Ivy Ling, and starting over at a new house and school. But soon enough, Julie learns how to create a few changes of her own. In an era when events of the time range from women’s rights to title IX and more.

Julie Albright was added to the American Girls in September 2007. Julie is the twelfth historical doll, and she was the first historical doll from a new era since Kaya was introduced in 2002. Julie got her own trading card set like the rest of the historical girls.
If you haven’t read any of Julie’s stories, here are her titles and can be found at your library.
  • Meet Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie Tells Her Story , by Megan McDonald
  • Happy New Year, Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie and the Eagles, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie’s Journey, by Megan McDonald
  • Changes for Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Good Luck, Ivy, by Lisa Yee

Rumors have it that a new historical American Girl doll is coming soon.

Rumors have it that a new historical American Girl doll is coming soon. Which explains why our beloved Samantha and Nellie has been placed in the archive. I learned just recently her name is Rebeca Rubin. A 9-year-old Jewish girl of Russian decent, living in New York City in the early 1900’s. She has a cousin name Ana who is coming to Ellis Island. Rebecca longs to be an actress but her parents and grandparents have other traditional plans for her.
Rebecca has a six book series. Soon to be Release in may-june of 2009. These will link you to Amazon. The seller is selling Pre-orders. Book titles:
Meet Rebecca
Candlight for Rebecca
Changes for Rebecca
Rebecca and Ana
Rebecca to the Rescue
Rebecca and the Movies
Rebecca Mini Doll Hardcover

I’ll Keep you posted if any more info comes my way.


Doll Care Tips for Your 18 inch American Girl Doll

My daughter and I love to visit the American Girl® Place. We always dine at the cafe my daughter’s favorite is of course their dessert. I must say, it’s just too pretty to eat. One favorite spot in the store is the doll’s hair salon. You can hang out and watch the stylists spruce up some magnificent magic do’s. One of the stylists had shared some really important doll care tips, which I would love to share with you. There are also some tips from a good friend who is an avid doll collector for over forty two years. I hope these are helpful as they have been for me and my daughter.
Always Wash your hands before handling your doll. By doing so you will keep her clean longer.

  • There are three essential items for brushing your doll’s hair.
  1. Misting bottle
  2. A towel or apron
  • Always use a doll’s wire hairbrush. If you brush your doll’d hair daily it will prevent from getting tangled but always remember to mist lightly. If you brush your doll’s hair dry it may cause ripping and damage to your doll’s hair which is made of synthetic fibers.
  • Never put mousse, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, tangle free liquids, foam or any chemicals on your doll’s hair. Your doll does not have human hair and therefore by applying those items mentioned above with only damage your doll’s hair. Remember water “H20″ is only the best and recommended by American Girl©.
  • Never use blowdryers, curling irons or straightners on your doll’s hair otherwise you will literally melt her hair. There are other safe and fun alternatives to curling and styling your doll’s hair. American Girl©. sells perm rods and curling paper but here is an economical way my daughter and neice came up with. Use paper towel or toliet paper tubes and cut about an inch or so. Take a strand of hair, lightly mist, fold curling paper and roll the paper tube like a roller, fasten with a bobbie pin or clip, let dry and fluff with fingers. The aftermath is beautiful. You can also mist a strand of hair , fold curling paper, twist and dry.
  • If your doll’s hair does gets tangled do not use what you would normally use on your own hair ie. detangled mist or creme rinse. Just mist water on your doll’s hair and brush it from the ends and work your way up, in strands
  • Always avoid getting water on your doll’s skin. My daughter puts an apron or a towel on her doll before spritzing and doesn’t allow the water to come in contact with her doll’s face.
    Never keep your doll in direct sunlight. If you leave your doll in the sun all of her coloring will fade, including her doll clothes.
  • Baking soda works well to wash your doll’s face. If your doll has a stain you can use a little baking soda on a lightly dampened washcloth and gently wash her face. Let it air dry after wards.
  • With mom’s help you can help keep your doll’s cloth body clean and smell fresh. Have mom vacuum the soft cloth body, lightly sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch in to the cloth, leave overnight, and then vacuum again.
  • Doll clothes should be hand wash or machine wash in Delicate cycle.
    Try to avoid eating with your dolls. If food comes in contact, have your mom help you clean her up.
  • If your doll’s head loosens, it can be tighten. Untie the strings at the back of the neck of your doll and secure the head in place. Make two knots with the strings to keep secure.
  • If you plan to store your doll long period of time, Use the original box or a clean, dry container and store out of sunlight. Remember to undress her for possible dyes from fabric staining your doll’s body over time and storing her facing down will keep her eyes from sinking in, again over a period of time. undress your doll, wrap her in tissue paper and lay flat preferrably in original box. If original box is not available, use a dry, clean out of sunlight. Never store your doll in a closed plastic box. With any trace of moisture, your doll get mildew. Keep her store her in a clean, dry place that is out of direct sunlight.

My daughter has 10 American girl dolls. Ouch! :) One of her gripes was Molly’s hair as many of you Molly owners can agree. We were told at the American Girl Place, that Molly’s hair is textured. Therefore, her hair is best kept in braids. Since she followed their advice, she has since regain her fun with Molly. She works with Molly’s braids, changing her hair bows, twirling each braid up on each side, attached into a single pony tail or french braid.
My darling daughter loves her dolls and enjoys dressing, reading to them as well as reading about them and having tea parties with them as well. She says “Momma, I will never depart with them. I plan on giving them to my daughter one day.” As a mom, I am so thrilled to hear this. I know these dolls are a big investment but when I see how in tune she is with them and loves reading about them. I know is well worth the investment. Also, I love the innocence that these dolls contribute to young girls. In today’s world, I find that to be a treasure.

My Pink is no way affiliated with nor do I work for All American Girl© marks are trademarks of American Girl©, LLC American Girl Collection, Registered Trademark of the Pleasant Company®.

Doll Care Tips For Your 18 inch American Girl Doll

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