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Tutu Ballet or Dance Costume Bodice and Skirt 18 inch Doll Pattern

While visiting Susan Kramer’s website, I found she offers many patterns that she created herself.   Visit her page to get details on how to create a ballet or dance costume for your American Girl® or other 18 inch doll.  At Susan’s site you will find free patterns for other dolls such as Bitty Baby®, Magic Attic®, Raggedy Ann® and much more.   Susan also offers an Ebook of 18 inch doll clothes patterns that can be purchased for $5.00.   Think of the cool clothes that you can create for your 18 inch doll with your fashion flair!


American Girl® Heartfelt Friendship Card


Make a heart felt friendship card for lasting memories your BFF will treasure.


1. Choose a card from the Colorful Cards & Envelopes packet. Turn it so the fold is along the left side. Cut the right side of the card so the front is ½ inch smaller than the back.

2. Use the Star Border Punch along one edge of a piece of white card stock. Glue the card stock to the inside of the front flap of your card. Cut off the star border to fit the size of the card.

3. Pick a piece of paper from the Sparkly Paper Pad. Cut a strip measuring ¼ inch wide. Glue it to the outside of the card, next to the star border. From another piece of paper, cut a strip ¼ inch wide using the zig-zag scissors. Glue it to the top of the previous strip. Cut off these paper strips to fit the size of the card.

4. Peel the butterfly from the Doll Spinner Stacked Stickers. Press it firmly near the top right side of your card.

5. Find the “True-blue Friends” sticker in the Friendship Stacked Stickers. Peel off the backing, and press the sticker firmly to the center of your card.

6. Inside the card, write a poem or a special note to your friend!

Tip: Use your extra stickers and supplies to make even more cards and crafts!

Additional Ideas
: Choose a paper from the Sparkly Paper Pad. Trace the shape of the envelope’s flap on that paper. Cut out the shape, and glue it to the inside of the envelope’s flap.

Shopping List

*** You don’t necessarily need to purchase their supplies.  Perhaps you have your own scrapbooking paper supply.

For more card craft ideas visit American Girl Crafts

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