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How to remove Skunk Odor from your dog

daisyMy golden  retriever Daisy came home the other night smelling awful, she had been sprayed by a skunk.  Poor thing , we had to put her in the garage overnight.  The next morning my plan was to go to the store and get something to remove the odor.  Unfortunately, I had a serviceman coming that day but when exactly I did not know.  You know the deal, between the hours of 8am and 4pm.    Daisy had to go out and do her  business, so I let her go out.   Within ten minutes, my doorbell rang and it was a courageous jogger.  Poor fella, with one hand pinching his nose and Daisy at his side.   Daisy, suffering from lack of companionship, decided to chum up and jog with a nearby jogger.   Luckily, not only was he courageous and she had her dog tag on with her address, she was returned home. 

While waiting for the service man and Daisy back in the garage.  I had done some research online and found a recipe that really works!

2 quarts of  3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1/2 cup of baking soda

2 tsp of Dawn liquid soap ( Dawn works great with oil, it breaks down the natural oil release from the skunk spray).

2 quarts of beer (Beer has live cultures, which helps penetrate the resistant oils in skunk spray and a dog’s water resistant undercoat and skin).

2 tbsp of vanilla (Vanilla will penetrate in your dog’s coat for a beautiful smelling dog).

Once you have mixed all the ingredients in a large container or pail.    Hose your dog to get his or her fur saturated.   Start applying the mixture, I used a large sponge and work into the coat.   Be careful NOT  to get the mixture in your dog’s eyes, nostrils, ears or mouth.   Work up a good lather.   Let the mixture soak in your dog’s coat (the longer the better the results).  Rinse the mixture completely off.   Groom and Viola!

Now Daisy,  her sister Petunia and the Grewal’s are one happy family. :)

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