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Birthday Wishes to Kit

kit-kittredge-fbOn May 19th many young girls will be celebrating Kit’s Birthday.   Kit is one of my favorite doll, I love her reading her stories.   For those who are not familiar with Kit, Kit Kittredge an amazing  bright ambitious  young girl born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Her passion is to become a reporter one day.    During the the height of the Great Depression, Kit and her family experienced financial hardship like many families in that era.  Kit and her mom rented to boarders while her dad left the state to seek for work.   Kit’s best friend is Ruthie Smithens.  Below are some of Kit’s books and are available at American Girl.


“Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”

Arianna and I love American Girl Doll movies but I must say my favorite is “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”. The cast was incredible. I loved Abigail Breslin performances and the movie itself bittersweet. I found myself laughing and crying. It was a bit ironic though amidst the recession that we are in financial turmoil our country is facing with home foreclosures, soaring food and gas prices. Here we were, my daughter Arianna and my niece Alexa watching a movie based on the great depression. A great history lesson about soup kitchens, selling vegetable and eggs, boarding strangers to make ends meet, and foreclosures symbolising The Great Depression. After the movies the girls had alot of questions and comparing scenarios from the movie with topics that they have heard on the news regarding the recession and yes, that dreadful question “Momma will that ever happen to us?” Life lessons for our young 9 year old girls?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s playing on HBO check your local listing.
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl – Official Trailer
Samantha – An American Girl Holiday – Trailer
Molly- An American Girl on the Homefront – Trailer
Felicity-An American Girl Adventure
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